March 15, 2004

Have You Met Ms. Jones?

Just wait. Actor-writer Sarah Jones has been doing her solo show, "Bridge & Tunnel," in a tiny New York theater to such sensational reviews that there's talk of moving it to Broadway.

Jones 29, assumes 14 different characters—a cheery Pakistani accountant, an acerbic Jamaican nanny, a modest Chinese mom-to create hilarious and moving mosaic of the new immigrant experience. Jones got a boost when Meryl Streep (a connoisseur of spot-on character accents, after all) saw her perform at a benefit last fall.

Later Meryl found the time to sit down and say "What do you want to do, kiddo?" Jones recalls.

Streep, who signed on as one of the show's producers, "agreed to be this incredible champion and spread the word. It's been so amazing - I literally got a fax from Al Pacino after he saw it"; Jones has signed with Streep's Hollywood agent too, so you haven't heard the last from this gifted chameleon.