About Sarah Jones’ Process

For all of Sarah’s character development she conducts extensive research, including close studies of people from diverse backgrounds in the environments in which they live, work, and play. From the townships in South Africa to the beaches of Brazil; from schoolyards in the Bronx to barber shops in Los Angeles to the halls of government in Washington, DC, Sarah travels with an eye and ear toward creating characters and writing stories that transcend stereotypes. The product of a multicultural family and upbringing—her background ranges from African American on her father’s side to an Irish-German American grandmother and a Caribbean American grandfather on her mother’s side—Sarah is passionate about the humanity of all her characters and discovering the specific details that make each person unique. By carefully incorporating authentic aspects of the cultural style, accent, dialect, and physicality of real individuals, Sarah aims to construct and bring to life recognizable, multifaceted characters and narratives based on their experiences and beliefs.

For Sarah Jones’ first one-person show, she researched informally, writing poems and monologues from the imagined perspectives of friends and co-workers, eavesdropping on relatives during Thanksgiving dinner, following talkative strangers on subway rides. She then wrote, developed and performed the piece independent of any organization, with the exception of the theaters which provided performance venues. For each subsequent show, Sarah was approached by non-profit organizations and foundations interested in partnering to address various social issues through her style of multicultural characterizations and theater. These partnerships led to several years of commissions, grants, and regular invitations by non-profit groups, theaters, community organizations, universities, and corporations for Sarah to perform her work live for audiences around the country and the world, which she continues to do.

"A Master of the Genre"
– The New York Times